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Book no.1

Mars Mission I


The first mission to Mars has landed, only to find out, it has lost all communication with ground control and Earth.


Someone or something, has destroyed two satellites in low Earth orbit, and the International Space Station has to make an emergency maneuver to try to protect the station from the rapidly expanding debris field that could destroy the station. In what is called the Kessler Effect, other satellites are being destroyed due to the cascading effect compounded by the existing space junk. The Kessler Effect is disrupting all space related communication.


As a result, life on Earth is effectively returned to the 1800’s. No phone service, no power, no gasoline, no GPS, no transportation, no food and no municipal water. Riots soon break out, the National Guard is sent out to preserve order. People are dying. No one knows who is to blame for the growing chaos. NASA cannot communicate with any of the astronauts on the ISS or on Mars. The astronauts are left to fend for themselves.


Things are looking very grim for the people of Earth, the astronauts on the ISS and the astronauts on Mars. Can they survive and if so how?


Mars Mission I : Surviving the Kessler Effect is a thrilling fictional story of what could happen if we ever awaken the Kessler Effect!

Book no.2
Book no.3
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