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A Talk with Donald Kessler

Our Questions Answered!

Question Number One: How did the Kessler theory come about?

I was tasked with finding a path to Mars but we had to go through the asteroid belt to get there. Over a period of time, I realized that my mathematical formulas for asteroid collisions and debris very closely matched what happens when satellites are destroyed in orbit. So, the same math worked. The only difference is the effect Earth's gravity has on attracting some of the debris back down to Earth.

Question Number Two: Has the Kessler Effect already started? If it has, how do know and has it been documented?

Yes, it has started. The reason we know this is there are a number of satellites that are tumbling out of control for no identifiable reason. They did not malfunction. When you have eliminated all potential known causes you have to go with the highest probability which is that they have been hit with debris. The solar panels and parts of the ISS are shot up from what appears to be micro meteoroids or debris. The shuttle had to have a window replaced because a fleck of paint hit it with such a force that it had to be replaced.

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